Articles / "Krasny Zamok" ("The Red Castle")

"Krasny Zamok" ("The Red Castle")

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"Krasny Zamok" ("Red Castle") (The Vsevologsk Town, Koltushskoye highway,33). This is the building from the bricks and stones. It is located at the north mountainside of the Rumbolovskaya hill. The castle is a narrow and high wing which flanking by two facetted towers and it has deep cellar. Two brick walls are kept intact and they are located to the south-west from the wing. The origin of construction is unknown, but in the beginning of the XIX century, when Vsevolozhsky V.A. was the master of the estate Ryabovo, the building was occupied by the workers. According to legend, the building was built by the Swedes in the XVI and XVII centuries. It was the house of landowner or the church on the road (the road was built through the hill). There is a version that the building was built in 1883 for scientific study son of Vsevolozhsky P.A. , who was the owner Ryabovo. Since 1934 the building was occupied by artel "rezinotkan"(rubber and fabric).Now the building is in a tumbledown state and its use random lessees.

Piryutko, Yuri Minayevich

Vsevolozhsky, Pavel Aleksandrovich
Vsevolozhsky, Vsevolod Andreyevich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Vsevolozhsk District/Vsevolozhsk Town/Koltushi Highway
Topographical landmarks/Rumbolovo Hill

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Мурашова Н.В. Сто дворянских усадеб Санкт-Петербургской губернии: Исторический справочник. СПб., 2005., С.305

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Ryabovo, a country estate

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