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Ryabovo, a country estate

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Ryabovo, a country estate (on the territory of the town of Vsevolozhsk). Under Peter I the estate belonged to A.D. Menshikov, under Anna Ioannovna it belonged to Duke Ernst Johann Biron, in the middle of the 18th century the estate owner was Mordvinov. In 1773 the estate was bought by the court banker I.Yu. Frederiks. In 1818 the chamberlain V.A. Vsevolozhsky became the estate owner. Under him the new estate was built according to the architect P.D. Shreter's project on the plateau of Rumbolovskaya mountain. The wooden manor-house was located at the edge of a steep sloap. Its main façade was designed with a semi-rotunda with colonnade which supported the balcony of the attic. In the house there was an auditorium. In 1818-1822 the chapel of St. Prince Vsevolod (Gabriel) of Pskov, the forefather of the Vsevolozhskys' family, was created. In the left of the house there was service outhouse, and in the right in some distance there was the restaurant "Kalamburini". Rumbolovskaya mountain steep sloaps were terraced , transformed to open space of medows and came down to three artificial lakes - Krugloye, Dolgoye and Bolshoye. Ryabovo was visited by M.I. Glinka, A.A. Alyabyev, F.P. Tolstoy, I.A. Krylov and others. In the 1870s the house was rebuilt and enlarged. In 1800 the stone Church of the Holy Face was built over the family vault of the Vsevolozhskys. In the early 20th century the fourth artificial lake - Vasilyevskoye was made at the west sloap of the hill. The last owners of Rybovo sold lands for garden plots and settlements at the stations of Vsevolozhskaya, Ryabovo, Melnichny Ruchey which formed the town of Vsevolozhsk later. During World War II the manor-house was destroyed, only some service constructions were intacted.

Karpenko, Irina Aleksandrovna

Alyabyev, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
Anna Ivanovna, Empress
Biron, Ernst Johann
Fredericks, Ivan (Johann ) Yuryevich
Glinka, Mikhail Ivanovich
Krylov, Ivan Andreyevich
Menshikov, Aleksandr Danilovich, Highness Prince
Peter I, Emperor
Shreter, Pavel Danilovich
Tolstoy, Fyodor Petrovich, Count
Vsevolozhsky, Vsevolod Andreyevich

Topographical landmarks/Rumbolovo Hill
Leningrad Oblast, the/Vsevolozhsk District/Vsevolozhsk Town

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