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Verlhnesvirskaya hydroelectric power station

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Verlhnesvirskaya hydroelectric power station is the part of the power hydro engineering complex on the river Svir. The Nizhnesvirskiy waterworks was built in the 1927 (urban village Svirstroy in the Lodeynoye Pole District). The hydroelectric power station was built by the project of G.O. Graftio. The work of the hydroelectric power station was started in the 1933. Preparatory works for the construction of Verhnesvirskiy waterworks facility on the rapid of river Sigovets went since 1932. Construction was supposed to be completed in 1942, but because of began the Great Patriotic War in September 1941 the hydropower stations trench was flooded. Construction of hydroelectric power station was restored in 1947. The hydroelectric power station gave the first current in December 1951. The reservoir raised the level of Svir to 10 m. The rapids which hinder navigation were flooded. The building of hydroelectric power stations with three-span yellow concrete confluent dam and unicameral navigable sluice is the most famous landmark of Podporozhye Town. This town grew out of the camp builders hydroelectric power stations. The length of the architectural and engineering complex waterworks facility - about 600 m, height lock chamber - 60 m.

Piryutko, Yuri Minayevich

Graftio, Heinrich Osipovich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Podporozhye District/Podporozhye Town
Topographical landmarks/Svir River, the
Leningrad Oblast, the/Lodeynoye Pole District/Svirstroy Urban Settlement

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