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Podporozhye, town

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PODPOROZHYE, town, adm. center of Podporozhye District. It is situated 285 km (280 km by railway) north-east of St. Petersburg, on the Svir River. Population: 20,300. The town’s name is related to the rapids on the Svir. The Lodeynoye Pole-Vytegra motor road extends across P., with a branch to Petrozavodsk. The town is connected with motor roads to most localities of the district. Podporozhye railway station is located 4 km away from the town on the Volkhovstroy-Petrozavodsk line with a branch to Olonets. There are a port and a passenger berth in Olkhovets neighborhood . The information on settlements named Podporozhye in the current town’s territory is known from written sources of the 1560s. In the early 18th century Peter I settled there pilots from the Msta River and upper reach of the Volga; in the 19th c., Podporozhye’s wharf became important. By the end of the 1930s, there were several industrial facilities related to shipbuilding and timber processing. In 1936, the construction of the Upper Svir Powerplant started near P. From Sep. 16, 1941 till June 22, 1944 these places were occupied by Finnish troops. The town of Podporozhye was established on June 28, 1956 on the base of the settlement of powerplant builders and neighboring villages. The town extends for 10 km along the Svir’s bank. It was shaped in the Soviet period as an industrial and transport center, and has a regular planning structure. are Microrayons Pogra, 80th Quarter, Sotsgorod, Svyatukha, and Varbig are located on the Svir’s left bank, west to east. Microrayons Novaya Derevnya and Olkhovets are located on the right bank of the Svir. The industrial zone is concentrated along the right bank of the Svir. P. has an Alley of Heroes where monuments are installed to Heroes of the Soviet Union who received the title in WWII, and a memorial is erected in honor of soldiers killed in battles for the settlement; there is a monument to V. I. Lenin. The town has the local history museum, art school, school of arts, culture center, central library and children’s library, and puppet theater. The “Svirskiye Ogni” newspaper is published, and the Prisvirye radio station broadcasts.

Yegorov, Sergey Borisovich

Peter I, Emperor

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