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"Parusinka", a factory complex

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"Parusinka" is the factory and dwelling house complex. There is located in the south part of the Ivangorod Town. There is located on the island, which formation the river Narova and branch duct. Through this canal water flows to the Narva hydroelectric station. The width of the island is from 400 to 700 m and the length is about 2,3 km. This district is named for products of the flax-jute factory, which produced the tarpaulin, fabric and sailcloth for marine vessels. In the 1845 the flax-jute factory and the cloth factory, which belong to Narvskaya Manufactory Association, was bought by the baronage A.L. Shtiglitz. He expanded the production and in 1867 he built factory building and the town for the workers at its own expense. Two-storey houses made of red bricks, which were connected by arches, it is a rare example of the Manufacturing Town of Western Europe at the end of 19th - beginning 20th centuries. The functioning factory is a monument of industrial architecture of federal significance. The oak alley leads from the factory to the farmstead Shtiglitz-Polovtsov Kramorskaya where preserved the Church of the Holy Trinity.

Piryutko, Yuri Minayevich

Stiglitz, Aleksandr Ludwigovich, Baron

Leningrad Oblast, the/Ivangorod Town
Topographical landmarks/Narova River, the

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