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The Church of the Holy Trinity (Ivangorod Town)

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The Church of the Holy Trinity (Ivangorod Town). The church was built in the district "Parusinka" using the money and the plot that were donated by Baron A.L. Stiglitz, it was built as the parish church for workers of his factories (the coarse cloth factory and the linen factory) and also as the family burial chamber of Baron Stiglitz. The church was consecrated on 17 August 1875. It was constructed for 600 persons. The five domes church with the high pyramidal roof bell tower was rich in decoration in the "Moscow-Yaroslavl " style (architect А.I. Krakau, И.А. Stefanits). Painting was made by P.F. Pleshanov on the sketch of F.А. Bruni, the ornaments were made by S.I. Sadovnikov. К.L. Stiglitz, A.L. Stiglitz, А.А. Polovtsov and his wife Nadezhda Mikhailovna, adoptive daughter of the Stiglitz, were buried in the burial chamber. The church was attached to the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of Christ in Narva Town; in 1922-1942 the church was the independent parish. In 1935-1937 the Art Work "The Calvary" (now it is placed in the Cathedral of the Resurrection in Narva), the Icon of the Deposition of Christ in the Tomb, the Art Work "The Holy Shroud" were made by the artist К. М. Korovaykov . Archpriest Rostislav Lozinsky, historian and educator, was the dean of the church in 1933–1942. The church was closed in 1944. The church was seriously damaged when it was in the area of the constructing of the Narva hydro-electric power station in 1951; the church was burgled in the 1950s. In 1997 the religious community was registered, the church was gives the status of the discovered object of the culture heritage. The restoration work is done under Priest Aleksandr Salykin, the dean of the church.

Bertash, Aleksandr Vitalyevich

Bruni, Fyodor (Fidelis) Antonovich
Korovaykov, Konstantin Mikhaylovich
Krakau, George Alexandr (Aleksandr Ivanovich)
Lozinsky, Rostislav Romanovich
Pleshanov, Pavel Fyodorovich
Polovtsov, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
Polovtsova, Nadezhda Mikhaylovna
Sadovnikov, S.I.
Salykin, Aleksandr Ivanovich, priest
Schtiglits, Karolina Loginovna
Stefanits, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
Stiglits, the
Stiglitz, Aleksandr Ludwigovich, Baron

Historical Toponyms/"Parusinka", a district if Ivan-Gorod Town

Иванен А. Ивангородская Свято-Троицкая церковь барона А. Штиглица. СПб., 2004.

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