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Kramorskaya, a country estate

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Kramorskaya, a country estate (the town o Ivangorod, the Kingisepp district). Building the country estate in the Kramorsky tract in the sharp bend of the River Narova was connected with tha factory complex "Parusinka" located to the east of Ivangorod Town. The owner of Kramorskaya was Barony A.L. Shtiglits who bought the land and factories of the Narva Textile Mill Society in 1845. The manor-house was built in the high bank of the river, in front of the house there was semi-round yard where the road planted along with oaks led from the town. There were five stone different purpose outhouses along the road. In 1871 building the five-domed stone church of St. Trinity was started in Kramorskaya. It was built in the memory of Cesarevitch Nikolay Aleksandrovich (it has been intacted and restored). The project was developed by the architect A.I. Krakau who made many Shtiglits's orders; it is likely he made projects of estate constructions. In 1890 when the estate was owned State Secretary A.A. Polovtsev, a heir of Shtiglits, the meeting of Russia and Germany Emperors Alexander III and Wilgelm II took place in the estate of Kramorskoye.

Piryutko, Yuri Minayevich

Alexander III, Emperor
Krakau, George Alexandr (Aleksandr Ivanovich)
Polovtsov, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
Stiglitz, Aleksandr Ludwigovich, Baron
Wilhelm II, Emperor

Leningrad Oblast, the/Ivangorod Town
Topographical landmarks/Kramorskoye
Topographical landmarks/Narova River, the

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