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Ilzho, a country estate

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Ilzho (Sredneye Ilzho), a country estate (the village of Ilzho, the Luga district). The village of Ilzho was mentioned in the scribe books of the Shelonskaya pyatina in the 15th century. Since the early 18th century belonged to the Skobeltsins. In 1836 the estate was sold out in parts and named Verkhneye, Sredneye and Nizhneye Ilzho. The estate in Sredneye Ilzho was built under M.A. Snarskaya who owned it during 40 years (since 1848). The landscape park taking into account hill landscape with lakes and marshy thicket was laid out. The two-storeyed manor-house on the stone foundation made in the Russian style and designed with wooden carving was built on the natural terraca over Lake Ilzhenskoye in the 1870s. The picturesque landscape of Ilzho attracted painters, Snarskaya was visited by I.N. Kramskoy, K.A. Savitsky, I.I. Shishkin, they painted sketches there. After the 1890s under the merchant Ya.Ya. Fander-Flitte, the new owner, about 20 service constructions made of stone and brick were built, the manor-house was repaired major, the stairs and descent to the lake were concreted. Most of constructions have been intacted till the present days.

Piryutko, Yuri Minayevich

Fan-der-Fleet, Yakov Yakovlevich
Kramskoi, Ivan Nikolayevich
Savitsky, Konstantin Apollonivich
Shishkin, Ivan Ivanovich
Skobeltsyns, the
Snarskaya, Maria Aleksandrovna

Topographical landmarks/Ilzhenskoye Lake
Leningrad Oblast, the/Luga District/Ilzho Village

Мурашова Н.В., Мыслина Л.П. Дворянские усадьбы Санкт-Петербургской губернии. Лужский район. СПб., 2001., 182-191

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