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Torosovo, a country estate

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Torosovo, a country estate (the village of Torosovo, the Volosovo district). The village of Torosovo was bought by Ye.Ye. Vrangel in the 1840s. The estate was created under his son Lieutenant-General M.Ye. Vrangel, the Governor-General of Finland. In the 1870s the English Gothic style two-storied brick mansion was built on the hill. It was harmoniously fallen into the park surrounded it (all trees were planted on ploughed fields. The composition of trees was elaborate thought, the interchange of tree species created the picturesque landscape. Opposite the estate there were service constructions (stables, storehouses, a cattle yard). All constructions were made of boulders, they look like "a medieval town". In the estate there was a smithy, brick-yard, slaked lime factory for the economy needs. Under G.M. Vrangel, who permanently lived in Torosovo, the estate was kept in exemplary order. After the revolution the estate was nationalized. Till the early 1990s the village school was placed in the estate mansion. By 2004 only mansion walls habe been intacted, the estate park is neglected.

Karpenko, Irina Aleksandrovna

Wrangel, Georgy Mikhaylovich
Wrangel, Mikhail Yegorovich
Wrangel, Yegor Yermolayevich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Volosovo District/Torosovo Village

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