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"Window to Europe", a film festival

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“OKNO V EVROPY” (“WINDOW TO EUROPE”), film festival. It is held since 1993 in Vyborg Town, in August 2006 XIV festival took place. Promoters: Russian-European Film Association, Culture and Filmmaking Federal Agency, Russian Filmmakers’ Union. Contests of feature films, non-feature films and cartoons are held. Awarded prizes: “Zolotaya Ladya” (“Golden Castle”), “Serebryanaya Ladya” (“Silver Castle”), Film Experts and Critics’ Guild prize, etc. Except professional jury, viewers’ jury “Vyborgsky Schet” (“Vyborg Town Count”) also works, it awards a viewers’ prize “Bolshaya Zolotaya Ladya” (“Big Golden Castle”). In 2006 more than 60 films took part in 3 contests, for the first time open jury meetings with viewers were held. Traditionally the opening ceremony of the festival takes place in the film art centre “Vyborg Palas” (“Vyborg Town Palace”), awarding ceremony is held in Vyborg Town Castle. From 2004 except traditional August film festival, one more film festival “Rozhdestvenskiye Vstrechy” (“Christmas Meetings”) of new Russian and foreign films is held in the beginning of January.

Popov, Vladimir Mikhaylovich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Vyborg District/Vyborg Town

Пресс-релиз XIV фестиваля российского кино «Окно в Европу». URL:

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