Articles / "Byborg - Palace", cinema (Vyborg Town)

"Byborg - Palace", cinema (Vyborg Town)

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CINEMAS. In 1993 there were 33 cinemas in the Leningrad Oblast, on January,1 2006 10 cinemas functioned: “Vyborg Palas” (“Vyborg Palace”) (Vyborg Town), “Jubileiny” (“Jubilee”) (Siversky Urban Settlement), “Pobeda” (“Victory”) (Gatchina Town),... more

"Window to Europe", a film festival
“OKNO V EVROPY” (“WINDOW TO EUROPE”), film festival. It is held since 1993 in Vyborg Town, in August 2006 XIV festival took place. Promoters: Russian-European Film Association, Culture and Filmmaking Federal Agency, Russian Filmmakers’ Union.... more