Articles / "Be blossoming, our land!", the Folklor Theatre named after G.V. Sneg

"Be blossoming, our land!", the Folklor Theatre named after G.V. Sneg

Subject / Art/Music, theatre

“TSVETY, NASH KRAIY!” (“LONG LIVE, OUR LAND!”), folklore theatre named after G.V. Sneg (1, Ploschad’ Svobody, Tikhvin Town). It was founded in 1971 at the District Centre of social and cultural activities. A founder and creative director was G.V. Sneg. In 1974 the company acquired a status of “popular” company, in 1999 it got a status of a theatre and its modern name. Since 1997 after the death of G.V. Sneg, the director of the theatre has been N.A. Vidyakina. The main purpose of the theatre is to preserve folk songs and to revive popular traditions of Tikhvin District. These were the aims of folk expeditions for material collecting with the following data processing. The theatre restored old Tikhvin Town ceremonial festive activities: “Osenniye Posidelky” (“Autumn Gatherings”), “Maslenichnye Gulyaniya” (“Shrovetide Street Festivities”), “Paskhalnye Pesnopeniya” (“Easter Singing”), “Provody Rekrutov”(“Recruits’ Send-Off”), “Letniye Gulyaniya” (“Summer Street Festivities”). Repertoire of the theater includes an old Shrovetide performance “Tsar Maksimilian”, performance based on a fairy tale “Soldat i Smert’” (“Soldier and Death”), puppet show “Rozhdestvo Khristovo” (“Christmas”). The theatre tours District, Oblast and St.Petersburg. Several times it took part in different festivals: “Beloozero-2000” (Belozersk Town), “Troitskiye Gulyaniya” (“Trinity Street Festivities”) (Novgorod City, 2001), “Mirovaya Derevnya-2003” (“World Village-2003”) (Roshchino Urban Village, Leningrad Oblast, 2003). The theatre is a regular participant of the festival “Prazdnichnye Zvony” (“Festive Church Bells”). In 2004 it was awarded a Grand Prix of the All-Russia contest “Poyu Tebe, Moya Rossia” (“I Sing to You, My Russia”), in 2005 it got a title “Luchshiy Oblastnoy Kollektiv” (“The Best Oblast Company”) of the Leningrad Oblast.

Frolova, Yelena Aleksandrovna

Sneg, Galina Vasilyevna
Vidyakina, Nina Alekseyevna

Leningrad Oblast, the/Vyborg District/Roshchino Urban Village
Leningrad Oblast, the/Tikhvin District/Tikhvin Town/Svoboda Square (Liberty Square)

Вдохновение и радость дарящие // Область культуры, 2004, № 1, 48-49
30 лет фольклорному театру «Цвети, наш край!» // Область культуры. 2004. № 11, 31-33
Михайлова Н. Гости их Тихвина // Муниципальная Гражданка. 2006. №5(66), 5 марта. URL: http://grajdanka.spb, 31-33

Subject Index
"I sing for my native land", regional festival of variety and bard songs
"The festival chimes", an Orthodox culture festival
"World village", a festival

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