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"The festival chimes", an Orthodox culture festival

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“PRAZDNICHNYE ZVONY” (“HOLIDAY CHURCH BELLS”), a festival of orthodox culture. It has been held in Tikhvin Town since 2004. It takes place on July 9th when people celebrate the Day of Tikhvin Town and the Day of appearance of the icon of Our Lady of Tikhvin Town to people. The festival is a part of the Town festivities. The festival programme includes chimes at the belfry of Tikhvin Dormition Monastery, a concert of religious music “Prinosheniye Tikhvinskoy Ikone Bozhiey Matery” (“Oblations to the Icon of Our Lady of Tikhvin Town”) at the House-Museum of N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov. The main event of the festival is a concert of religious music “Vospevayu Blagodat Tvoyu” (“I Carol Your Grace”) at the Church of Exaltation of the Holy Cross. The participants of the festival are: the Leningrad Oblast folk groups; academic choirs, performing orthodox music written by Russian composers; the best bellmen from Moscow, St.Petersburg, Yaroslavl City and other towns of Russia. At the same time with the festival in the historical part of the town the following activities take place: exhibition of artists, contest of craftsmen “Krasota Zemly Tikhvinskoy” (“The Beauty of Tikhvin Land”), exhibition-fair “Gorod Masterov” (“Town of Craftsmen”) of traditional handicrafts.

Malysheva, Valentina Ivanovna

Leningrad Oblast, the/Tikhvin District/Tikhvin Town

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The memorial museum of N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov.
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