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Leningrad Oblast College of Culture and Art

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LENINGRAD OBLAST COLLEGE OF CULTURE AND ART (LOCCA) ( 57а, Gorokhovaya st., StP). It is the oldest in Russia vocational school in the field of arts. The college was founded in 1938 as the Leningrad Oblast political education school N2, from 1960 – the Leningrad Oblast cultural education school, from 1986 – the Leningrad Oblast culture school. In 1994 it obtained a status of a college and its modern name. The college trains specialists in the following areas: musical instruments playing, social and cultural activities and folk art, applied art and handicraft, management, tourism. Trainees are boys and girls from all districts of the Leningrad Oblast who, after graduation, get the following qualification - “teacher-organizer of social and cultural activities” and speciality in one of mentioned above areas. Among the college graduates one can find members of local authorities, directors of museums and centres of social and cultural activities, creative directors of art groups, university and college teachers. College students, under the guidance of their teachers, take part in cultural activities of the Leningrad Oblast (Pushkin’s festivities, birthdays of N.K. Rerikh, V.V. Nabokov, Alexander Nevsky’s festivities); the college students initiated some oblast festivals: “Baryshnya-Krest’yanka” (“Young Lady-Countrywoman”), “Arinushka-Arina-Arina Rodionovna”, “Shag Za Gorizont” (“A Step Beyond the Horizon”). The college houses 4 folk groups. It provides tours abroad for art groups. The first college address was – 19, Kirillovskaya st., from 1976 – the current address. In the yard of the college one can see a monument to O.F. Berggolts (1998, sculptor N.G. Sukhorukova).

Ansberg, Olga Nikolayevna

Alexander Nevsky, Prince
Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich
Roerich, Nikolay Konstantinovich
Sukhorukova, Nina Grigoryevna

Saint-Petersburg City/Gorokhovaya Street
Saint-Petersburg City/Kirillovskaya Street

Нам – 65: Сб. материалов. СПб., 2003
Школа театра жизни: Сб. статей, посвящ. 30-летию специализации «Постановка театрализованных пред-ставлений и праздников». СПб., 2005

Subject Index
"Arinushka- Arina - Arina Rodionovna", holiday
"Lady- Peasant Woman", holiday
O.F. Berggolz, monument to
Pushkin festivals
"Step Beyond Horizon", a oblast holiday

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