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"Baltiysky luch" ("The Baltic Ray"), a newspaper

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"Baltiysky luch" ("The Baltic Ray")(Lomonosov Town, 11a Dvortsovy Prospekt) social, political and informational newspaper of Lomonosov district and Lomonosov Town.Founded on 19 April 1931 under the title "Vpered" ("Forward") as organ of district committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, district and city Soviets. In 1933-34, 1936, 1954 there was the travelling editorial staff; in 1933-37 some materials were published in Finnish. In 1991 it was re-registered as the organ of local administration and labour collective, got its present title.At present the constitutors of a newspaper are the Committee on information policy and telecommunication, administration of Lomonosov district and editorial staff. It is weekly newspaper having circulation 6.5 thousand .Newspaper reflects events of local political, economic,social and cultural life , there are regional columns " Nash krai"("Our Land"),"Oraniyenbaum chronograph".It organizes meetings with readers,runs contests in best drawing,poem, also a contest among pupils called " Moya malaya rodina"("My small motherland") in best historic essay about homeland.

Ansberg, Olga Nikolayevna

Saint-Petersburg City/Lomonosov Town/Dvortsovy Prospekt (Palace Prospekt)

Газета Балтийский луч - сайт российской прессы в городе Ломоносов Тираж Периодичность Страницы A3 - подписка и в розницу. URL:

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