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Mass Media Union of the Leningrad Oblast, the

Subject / Literature. Mass Media.

The Mass Media Union of the Leningrad Oblast (Priozersk Town, Sovetskaya Street., 6),non-governmental not-for-profit organization consisting of thirty leading mass media of the Leningrad Oblast.Founded in 2002,founders-the oblast newspaper «News»("Vesti"),Radio House «GARDARICA»( "Dom Radio «GARDARICA»), «Teleradio of Tosno»,("Teleradio Tosno"), television- publishing corporation of Gatchina «Aura-Info»("Oreol-Info"),Kingisepp's television, newspaper «Red Star»("Krasnaya Zvezda") (Priozersk Town), «Vyborg», «Kirishi's Torch»("Kirishskii Fakel") etc. Main objectives: to render some assistance to the development of mass media of the Leningrad Oblast, to activities and professional development of their staff,legal aid to journalists and editorial staff ,presentation and protection union's members' interests. The Mass Media Union of the Leningrad Oblast organizes seminars for journalists of local mass media, meetings with interesting people.Together with the Committee on informational policy and telecommunication of the Leningrad Oblast it takes part in preparation and organisation of annual mass media festivals of Leningrad Oblast.The Union has brought out an informational bulletin «Mass Media Union»("Soyuz SMI") since 2004.President-M.M.Mihailichenko,chief executive-S.A.Sheshin.

Ansberg, Olga Nikolayevna

Sheshin, Sergey Aleksandrovich
Sheshin, Sergey Aleksandrovich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Priozersk District/Priozersk Town/Sovetskaya Street

Subject Index
Festival of Press of the Leningrad Oblast
"Gardarika", a radio station
"Kirishsky Fakel" ("Kirishi Torch"), a newspaper
"Krasnaya zvezda" ("The Red Star"), a newspaper
"Oreol-info", a TV company and publishing house
"Teleradio Tosno" ("Television and Radio Broadcasting of Tosno Town"), a TV company
TV Broadcasting of Kingisepp Town
"Vesti", ("The News"), a newspaper
"Vyborg", a newspaper

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