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Dolengo-Khodakovsky, Zorian (Adam Charnotsky) (1784-1825), a scientist

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Dolengo-Khodakovsky, Zorian (the real name is Adam Charnotsky) (1784-1825), a Polish archaeologist, a founder of the scientific Slavonic philology, a researcher and expert on Slav antiquities. In 1811 he joined the army of Napoleon and participated in the campaign to Moscow. After the expulsion of Frenchs Dolengo-Khodakovsky stayed in Russian Empire, travelled under the pseudonym Khodakovsky, collected the Ukrainian folk songs, legends, local names. From 1819 Dolengo-Khodakovsky lived in St. Petersburg. In 1820 Dolengo-Khodakovsky explored the north-west of the gubernia with the supporting of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences. He was the first who described Novgorodian mounds, carried out their excavations in Staraya Ladoga (see: Oleg's burial mound), Novgorod and Bezhetsk, worked out maps of gorodishches (unfortified settlements).

Plotkin, Konstantin Moiseyevich

Dolengo-Khodakovsky, Zorian (Adam Charnotsky)

Leningrad Oblast, the/Volkhov District/Staraya Ladoga Village
Historical Toponyms/Veliky Novgorod

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