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Quarenghi, Giacomo (1744- 1817), an architect

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Giacomo Quarenghi (1744- 1817), an architect and artist. He study painting and architecture in Rome. In 1779 Quarenghi arrived into St. Petersburg and became a court architect. Quarenghi designed and built buildings in the severe classicism style: buildings if the Academy of Sciences (1783-1789), the building of the Allocation Bank (1783-1790), The Hermitage Theatre (1783-1787), the building of the Horse Guards Manège (1804-1807) the Smolny Institute (1806-1808), Alexander Palace in Tsarskoye Selo (1792-1896) and others. Giacomo Quarenghi built in Moscow, Kursk, in the Ukraine and Baltic States too. In the 1780s Quarenghi designed two garden pavilions "Herkules" and "Tea House" for the estate of Gostilitsi. Quarenghi gave up the significant graphic heritage. Among Quarenghi's drawings of the 1780s there are pictures of the Holy Trinity and the house of K.G. Razumovsky in Gostilitsi, palaces in Ropsha, Pella and others. In 1810s Quarenghi visited A.R. Tomilov in the estate Uspenskoye (now it is Staraya Ladoga Village, Volkhov district). Giacomo Quarenghi was buried in the Catholic part of the Volkovskoye cemetery in St. Petersburg. In 1967 his ashes was transferred in the Lazarevskoye cemetery of the Alexander Nevski Monastery (Necropolis of the 17th century). .

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Quarenghi (Guarenghi) , Giacomo
Razumovsky, Kirill Grogoryevich, Count
Tomilov, Aleksey Romanovich

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