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Quarenghi (Guarenghi) , Giacomo


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Quarenghi, Giacomo (1744- 1817), an architect
Giacomo Quarenghi (1744- 1817), an architect and artist. He study painting and architecture in Rome. In 1779 Quarenghi arrived into St. Petersburg and became a court architect. Quarenghi designed and built buildings in the severe classicism style:... more

Ruska, Luigi (1762 - 1822), an architect
Luigi Ruska (1762 - 1822), an architect. Ruska originated from Switzerland. In 1783 he arrived into st. Petersburg, he worked as a bricklayer with Yu.M. Felten, G. Quarenghi, F.I. Volkov, E.T. Sokolov, V. Brenna. He started working independently in... more

The Curch of the Ascension of Our Lord (Fyodorovskoye Village, Tosno District)
The Church of the Ascension of Our Lord (Fyodorovskoye Village, the Tosno District). The stone Classicism style church with added bell tower was constructed in Fyodorovsky Posad on the design of the architect G. Quarenghi during 1783-1785 and... more

Uspenskoye, a country estate
Uspenskoye, a country estate (the village of Staraya Ladoga, Volkhovsky prospect, 19). The estate was created by the brothers Melgunovs in the 18th century not far from the Staraya Ladoga fortress on the River Volkhov bank. In the estate there was a... more