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Aleksiy Compassion Society

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Aleksiy Compassion Society, it was one of the biggest in the Eparchy of St Petersburg. Aleksiy Compassion Society was founded on the basis of the complex of the charitable establishments and the community of nurses which were organized according to the initiative of Archpriest Aleksiy Kolokolov in the Prusynsky Island (the Volkhov River) in 1881. Island was bayed using the donation of A.I. Skvortsova, the wife of the actual state counsillor, spiritual daughter of Father Aleksiy. Design of M.A. Schurupov was used mainly during the constructing. Almshouse for 100 men with the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin (later the Island was renamed the Uspensky Island after this church) were built in 1876, hospital was built in 1881, hostel, house for clergy, the church -parish school, orphanage for 40 children were constructed, free canteen, doctor office and pharmacy, dacha for orphan-pupils of the St Alexander Nevsky college, the nurse school, library were buit later. Statutes of the Society was registered on 28 February 1903. The Uspensky Island and all establishments on the Uspensky Island and the Vyndin Island were transferred to the Society. Extraordinary grant (Rb 6,000) from the State was given to the Society. Metropolitan Antony (Vadkovsky) was the guardian of the Society, Senator V.K. Sabler was the chairman of the Council ( later he became ober-prosecutor of the Synod), M. V. Belgard was the vice-chairman who governed the worked of charitable institutions. N.A. Melnikov, academician of architecture, was among the member of the Council ( there are more than 250 members of the Council), surgeon G.N. Turner was the honorary member of the Council (since 1907). Since 1904 girls from orphanage, besides comprehensive subjects, learned sheet misic, church singing, playing the piano, needlework, lace weaving, making of artificial flowers and knitting. Joiners, carpenters,decorators, blacksmiths,shoemakers, gardeners teached boys. In the 1920s all charitable institutions, besides hospital, stopped their work. In 1923 the Church was closed and the Uspensky Island was renamed the October Island . In the middle of the 1930s the young criminal colony was placed on the October Island, and then the disabled person house was placed here until 1964 (there were breaks in its work). Now all houses are in unsafe conditions.

Bertash, Aleksandr Vitalyevich

Antony (Aleksandr Vasilyevich Vadkovsky), metropolitan
Belgardt, Maria Valerianovna
Kolokolov, Aleksey Petrovich, priest
Melnikov, Nikolay Alekseyevich
Sabler (Desyatovsky), Vladimir Karlovich
Shchurupov, Mikhail Arefyevich
Skvortsova, Anna Ivanovna
Turner, Henriech Ivanovich

Topographical landmarks/Prusynsky Island
Topographical landmarks/Volkhov River, the
Topographical landmarks/Vyndin Island

Берташ А.В., Векслер А.В. Новая Ладога. СПб., 2004., С.97-100

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