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Zenkov, Semyon Nikolayevich


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Lodeynoye Pole District
LODEYNOYE POLE DISTRICT, a part of Leningrad Oblast located east of Lake Ladoga in the Svir River basin. In the north-west and north, it borders Olonets District of the Republic of Karelia; in the north-east and east, Podporozhye District; in the... more

Lodeynoye Pole Museum of the Local History, the
The Lodeynoye Pole Museum of the Local History (Lodeynoye Pole Town, 122 Lenin Street), a branch of "The Museum Agency". The museum was founded as a people's museum of the local history in 1961 and got the status of the state enterprise of culture. ... more

Zenkov, Semyon Nikolayevich (1877-1941), an artist
ZENKOV, Semyon Nikolayevich (1877, Lyugovichi Village, Olonets Gubernia; modern Lodeinoye Pole District, Leningrad Oblast – 1941), artist. He was born and brought up in a peasant family. He started to learn painting at Aleksandro-Svirsky Trinity... more