Articles / Pimen (Gavrilov) (1828/1829 - 1910), archimandrite, clergy figure

Pimen (Gavrilov) (1828/1829 - 1910), archimandrite, clergy figure

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Pimen (Pyotr Gavrilov, 1828 (29?) – 1910, Konevets Island ), archimandrite, clergy figure, spiritual writer. In 1852 he entered the Valaam Monastery, in 1858 he was professed as a monk, in 1861 he became a priest. He knew five foreign languages and compiled the inventory of the monastery library and the diaconicon. He performed the obedience as a clerk for 27 years. His works which were published devoted to history, the explaination of the sense of the monasticism (there were many editions). From 1884 he was archimandrite, prior of the Konevsky Monastery of the Nativity of the Mother of God. Number of monks was increased. Pimen compiled the detailed historical description of the Monastery for the 500th anniversary of its foundation in 1893 and he organized the celebration of this event. In 1895 he was the prior of the Pafnutiyevo-Borovskogo Monastery of the Eparchy of Kaluga. From 1903 he was out of staff , he lived and died in the Konevsky Monastery. The grave is not survived.

Bertash, Aleksandr Vitalyevich

Pimen (Gavrilov), archimandrite

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Берташ А.В., Арсений, иеромонах. Шесть столетий Рождество-Богородичного Коневского монастыря. Коневский монастырь; СПб., 1993., С. 27

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