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Konevets, Island

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Adrian (Blinsky) (1722 - 1812), hieromonk, clergy figure
Adrian, a hieromonk (in schema named Adrian; in the world - Vasily Ioannovich Blinsky; 1722 - 1812), a zealot of godliness, the superior of the Konevets Monastery. He was born in a noble family, early became an orphan and was disinherited.... more

Cult (worship) stones
Cult stones. The worship of cult stones was registered in all northern part of the East Europe including Baltic countries and Scandinavia. Track-stones, with deep image of a human foot track, are wide presented. Those images are sometimes... more

Israel (Andreyev) (1793-1884), archimandrite, clergy figure
Israel (Ivan Andreyev; 1793, the village of Putilovo of the Shlisselburg uyezd - 1884, Konevets Island ), an archimandrite, clergy figure. Ivan Andreyev was born in the family of a sexton. From 1829 he was a monastic novice of the Valaam... more

"Kon-kamen" ("Horse-stone"), a natural monument
Kon-kamen ("Horse-stone") is a natural and history monument in the Konevets Island (the Priozersk district). It is a glacial boulder (the length is 9,2 meters, the width is 6,4 meters, the height is 4,3 meters; the weight is more than 750 tonnes).... more

Konevets Munastery of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary
The Konevets Monastery of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary (Konevets island, the Priozersk district). It is located in the southern part of the Konevets Island in seven kilometres from the West shore of Ladoga Lake. The monastery was founded in... more

Ladoga Lake
LAKE LADOGA. Located in Leningrad Oblast and the Republic of Karelia. In the Middle Ages, it was called Nevo (Baltic Finnish nevo = “moss marsh.”) The current name originates from the middle Scand. Aldoga (fm the Baltic Finnish Alodejogi = “the... more

Leskov, Nikolay Semyonovich (1831-1895), a literary man
Leskov, Nikolay Semyonovich (1831-1895), a writer. Leskov learned at the Oryol High School during 1841-1846 (he did not graduate the school). During 1847-1857 Leskov worked at the Oryol Chamber of the Criminal Court and at the Kiev State Chamber.... more

Pimen (Gavrilov) (1828/1829 - 1910), archimandrite, clergy figure
Pimen (Pyotr Gavrilov, 1828 (29?) – 1910, Konevets Island ), archimandrite, clergy figure, spiritual writer. In 1852 he entered the Valaam Monastery, in 1858 he was professed as a monk, in 1861 he became a priest. He knew five foreign languages ... more

Sergy (Stragorodsky) (1867-1944), patriarch, clergy figure
Sergy (Ivan Nikolayevich Stragorodsky; 1867–1944), Patriarch. He graduated from the seminary of Nizhny Novgorod (1886) and the Ecclesiastical Academy in St Petersburg (1890; Doctor of Theology). On 30 January 1890 he was professed as a monk, on 21... more

Slupsky, Ivan Blagiyevich (1826 - 1891), an architect
Ivan Blagiyevich Slupsky (1826 - 1891), an architect, academician of architecture (1861). I.B. Slupsky graduated the Warsaw Art School in 1850. He was certified by the Academy of Arts in 1854 and by the St. Petersburg Building College in 1857. In... more