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The Cathedral of the Nativity of the Mother of God (Gimreka Village, Podporozhsky District)

Subject / Religion. Church/Orthodox churches

The Cathedral of the Nativity of the Mother of God (Gimreka Village, the Podporozhsky District). The wooden church with the hipped roof was built in Gimoretsky Pogost during 1650-1695, side-chapels were devoted to St. Antony the Roman and St. Antony the Great. The rectangular in plane log structure of the chetverik supported two vosmeriks, put one on the another, which were the foudation of the hipped roof. The hipped roof was covered with boards and crowned with the cylindrical neck with a small onion dome which was covered with shingles. A detached bell tower with hipped roof, fence, log gate and adjacent cemetery are included in the emsemble. In the 19th century the high porch was replaced with a cold outer entrance hall with a wide one-flight stairs, the church building was raised on a high basement and set on the strip foundation. The cathedral was repaired in 1858. In the late 1930s it was closed. During the period of the Finnish occupation (1942-1944) the cathedral worked; at that time hieromonks of the Valaam Monastery performed in it; a school with teaching in Finnish worked at the cathedral. During the evacuation Finns took away antiminsions from three Holy thrones, altar silver cross, the Sanctuary doors and some icons which were placed in a museum in Finland. In October 1945 the cathedral was officially closed in spite of belivers' applications. During 1972-1983 the cathedral was restored with returning its original appearance, the bell tower was dismantled and reconstructed with replacing ramshackle elements during 1974-1976.

Shkarovsky, Mikhail Vitalyevich

Neighbouring Territories/Finland
Historical Toponyms/Gimoretsky Pogost
Leningrad Oblast, the/Podporozhye District/Gimreka Village

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