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The Church of the Synaxis of the Mother of God (Rogozha Village, Volkhov District

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The Church of the Synaxis of the Mother of God (Rogozha Village, Volkhov District). Before 1563 the Bogoyavlensky village church was built on the left bank of the River Syas on the lands of the Madvedsky Nikolsky Monastery. The original wooden church of the Epiphany was built before 1582. The village and the church were named in the memory of the vision of the monk of the Novgorod Savvol-Vishera Monastery: the Icon of the Synaxis of the Mother of God, which was placed on the matting, floated to the right bank of the river in the wet and dismal night. Later the church was re-consecrated in honour of the Nativity of the Mother of God, the church was burned on 15 April 1834. The stone church with the bell tower of the same name was built in 1837-1838 in the "Province Classicism Style". It was consecrated on 1 September 1838. The church was built using the money of parishioners and the 1st class merchant M.D. Ertov who has the forewood trade here. The bell, which was cast in Stockholm in 1730, was placed in the bell tower. There are 10 chapels in the district, in 1850 the church school was organized. The church did not work from 15 June1937. It was closed on 27 July 1940, the church building was adapted for the shop. The church was opened according to the decision of the Council of Ministers of 27 July 1945. The religious services were began on 8 January 1946, after the restoration work, and the religious services are continued without breaks.

Shkarovsky, Mikhail Vitalyevich

Ertov (Yertov), Mikhail Davidovich

Historical Toponyms/Bogoyavlensky Pogost
Leningrad Oblast, the/Volkhov District/Rogozha Village
Topographical landmarks/Syas River, the

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