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Vuoksa River, the

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VUOKSA, river. It originates in Lake Saimaa (Finland), and flows in Vyborg and Priozersk Districts of Leningrad Oblast. Length: 156 km (of which, 143 km in Leningrad Oblast.). It is subdivided into two arms, the northern and the southern one. The northern one (includes the lakes Balakhanovskoye and Vuoksa) flows into Lake Ladoga in two arms, near Priozersk Town and Brigadnoye settlement; the southern one flows into Lake ladoga via Lake Sukhodolskoye (f. Suvanto) and the Burnaya River (f. Taipale.) The southern arm appeared in 1857 after the construction of a canal. Catchment area: 68,700 sq. km. Flow rate: 605 cu. m/s. The toponym V. originates from the Finnish “vuoksi” = tide, current. In Finland, at the crossing of the Salpausselka Ridge, V. forms Europe’s largest Imatra falls. In Leningrad Oblast, the current is quiet, with rapids only in way of Baryshevo and Losevo settlements. Downstream of Svetogorsk, V. is a chain of lakes (Lake Vuoksa being the largest) connected with branches. In the Middle Ages, V. had the communication with the Vyborg Bay and was a major transport route connecting the Baltic Sea and Lake Ladoga. In the 14th century, Tiversky Gorodok, a Novgorod Fortress, was built on V. Priozersk Town, Svetogorsk Town, and Lesogorsky urban settlement are placed on V. In Russia, Svetogorsk and Lesogorsk hydraulic powerplants are built on V.; in Finland, two more hydraulic powerplants. V. is a popular boating place. The “Vuoksa” water festival is held in Losevo settlement. The “Vuoksa” anthology is published in Priozersk.

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

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