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"Vuoksa", a Priozersk local history anthology

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"Vuoksa", a Priozersk local history anthology. It was published from 1999 till 2003 according to the initiative the workers of the Fortress-museum "Korela" and local historians with the Financial Support of the Administration of the Priozersk district. The anthology name was given after the Vuoksa River and in memoty of the Finnish newspaper "Vuoksi" ("Vuoksa") published in the Keksgolm uyezd in 1889. Three issues were published: issue No. 1 was published in two editions (the 1-st edition in 1999; the 2-nd revised and supplemented edition was published in 2000), issue No. 2 was published in two volumes in 2001-2002, issue No. 3 was published in 2003. The anthology circulation is from 300 to 1000 copies. Scientific and popular articles as well as other materials were published in the anthology: about the history of Korela-Keksgolm-Priozersk from the anncient times in context of Russo-Sweden and later the USSR-Finnish relations; about the history of the Korelian (Keksgolm) Eparchy; the history of military units located in this district; the history of educational institutions and public organizations; about the town architecture and architectors worked there; about archarological finds; about the district nature; materials devoted to the Finnish archaeologist and ethnographer T. Shvindt. Also essays about Priozersk local historians with the bibliography of their works; reviews of books by local writers were published in the anthology. Scientists from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Petrozavodsk and Finland are among the authors of the anthology. The anthology is stopped publishing on the present time.

Ansberg, Olga Nikolayevna

Schwindt, Theodor

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Егоров Б.Ф. Новинки из глубинки // Филологические записки. Вып. 17. Воронеж, 2001, 265-266
Инф. сайт г. Приозерск. URL:, 265-266

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