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Berednikov, Yakov Ivanovich (1793-1854), a scientist

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Berednikov, Yakov Ivanovich (1793-1854, Tikhvin), a poet, archive manager, historian, academician of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1841). Berdnikov spent his childhood in Tikhvin Town where his parents lived. He graduated the Tikhvin Religious School. From 1813 till 1819 Berdnikov was an irregular student of the Moscow and Kazan Universities. After graduating the Moscow University in 1820 during 1820-1827 Berdnikov worked in Novgorod, St. Petersburg , Odessa. After retiring Berdnikov has settled in Tikhvin town and researched materials in the archive of the Tikhvin Monastery of the Assumption. The first results were published in 1829 in the magazines "Syn Otechestva" ("A Son of the Fatherland") and "Severny arkhiv" ("The Northern Archives"). In 1830 Berdnikov was attached to the archive collection expedition of P.M. Stroyev and during four years they together researched about 200 monastery archives and libraries. Berdnikov discovered many unique documents including in the Holy Trinity Monastery of St. Alexander of Svir. In 1834 Berdnikov was appointed a member of the committee for publishing collected statements. From 1835 Berdnikov worked as the Head of the first department of the St.Petersburg Sciences Academy library. From 1838 he worked as the Chief Editor of the Committee for publishing the complete set of Russian chronicles. Ya.I. Berdnikov collected materials for the dictionary of the Great Russian language, compiled "Istoriko-statisticheskoye opisaniye pervoklassnogo Tikhvinskogo Bogoroditskogo Bolshogo muzhskogo monastyrya" ("the Historic and Statistic Description of the First-class Tikhvin Great Monastery of the Mother of God", four editions; in 1856, 1888, 1905, 2004). Berdnikov wrote poems, his works were published in magazines "Vestnik Evropi" ("The Bulletin of Europe"), "Drug yunoshestva" ("The Friend of Youth"), "Blagonamerenny" ("The Loyal") and others. Ya.I. Berdnikov was buried at the south-western part of the monastery cemetery at the Tikhvin Monastery of the Dormition. The Tikhvin town library was named after Berdnikov, every year it holds the Ya.I. Berdnikov competition on the local history "Tikhvin and the Tikhvin Land".

Yegorov, Sergey Borisovich

Berednikov, Yakov Ivanovich
Stroyev, Pavel Mikhailovich

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