Articles / Vokka, Gergard Yakovlevich, (1887-1988), a scientist

Vokka, Gergard Yakovlevich, (1887-1988), a scientist

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Vokka, Gergard Yakovlevich, (1887-1988, Vsevolozhsk Town), a local historian. Vokka was born in the Liflyandia Gubernia in the family of a gardener. In 1890 the family moved into the St. Petersburg Gubernia where they lived in Volkovitsi Village (now it is in the Volosovo district) from 1890 till 1895 and from 1895 the family lived in the estate of Ryabovo (on the territory of the modern Vsevolozhsk Town). G.Ya. Vokka graduated from Annenshule in St. Petersburg. He was a participant of the World War I. Vokka worked as an accountant at the plant of agricultural machines in Leningrad (now it is the scientific production association "Krasnoarmeyets"). G.Ya. Vokka was awarded the Lenin Order in 1953. After retiring in 1956 G.Ya. Vokka started to research the history of the Vsevolozhsk district from the old times till the present days. He purposefully looked for documents in Leningrad archives. G.Ya. Vokka was the author of many publications in the newspaper "Nevskaya Zarya" ("The Neva Dawn") and was a free lance correspondent. He became a Honoured Citizen of Vsevolozhsk Town in 1988. Vokka's scientific workings were used for creation the exposition of the Vsevolozhsk Museum of the Local History. A new street in Vsevolozhsk was named after G.Ya. Vokka.

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

Vokka, Gergard Yakovlevich

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