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KAMENNOGORSK (Antrea before 1948, Swedish Sankt-Andre), a town in Vyborg District. Population: 5,800. It is situated on the bank of the Vuoksa River. Initially, the area of K. belonged to Jaaski Uyezd (see Lesogorsk), split by the Nystad Treaty border in 1721 (see Vyborg Gubernia.) The former parishioners of St. Peter’s church in Jaaski who happened to have passed to Russia built a wooden Lutheran Church of St. Andrew in 1725; the toponym Antrea originates from its name (according to another version, from the name of Cape Anterniemi on the Vuoksa River.) In the late 18th-early 19th cc., development of granite deposits started in way of Antrea. In 1892, railway branches to Vyborg was built, in 1893, to Imatra (currently in Finland) and to Hiitola (currently in the Republic of Karelia.) In 1918-40, Antrea settlement belonged to independent Finland. In 1918, during the civil war in Finland, it was an important base station of the White Army. It got the status of a town in 1940. Before 1944 it belonged to Karelo-Finnish SSR, and since 1944, to Leningrad Oblast. Until 1960 it was in Lesogorsk District (Jaaski District before 1948), and then in Vyborg District. In 1948 it was renamed Kamennogorsk; the name is related to crystalline rock outcrops near the town, and to quarries where granite is produced. There are the quarry enterprise (since 1969), non-ore materials combine (KKNM), "Mineral" LLC, and the "Purga" quarry currently opereting in K. Granite from K. is used for construction in St. Petersburg. The town has a children’s school of music and a library. 15 km away from K., near former Korpilahti village, Mesolithic stone and bone implements were found. The everyday life of Antrea in the mid-19th century is described in the works of Vyborg’s poet A. Rahkonen. The location of K. attracts boating sport fans.

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

Rakhkonen, Aleksandr
Sihvo, Aarne

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Simonen S. Antrea: Antrean ja Vuoksenrannan kuntien muistojulkaisu. Helsinki: Kustantaja, 1951.
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