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Imatra Town

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Kamennogorsk, town
KAMENNOGORSK (Antrea before 1948, Swedish Sankt-Andre), a town in Vyborg District. Population: 5,800. It is situated on the bank of the Vuoksa River. Initially, the area of K. belonged to Jaaski Uyezd (see Lesogorsk), split by the Nystad Treaty... more

Svetogorsk, town
SVETOGORSK (Enso [Finnish] before1948), a town in Vyborg District; a separate municipal entity in 1995–2005. Population: 15,700. Located in the northern part of the Karelian Isthmus near the Finnish border, on the banks of the Vuoksa River. S. has... more

"Vuoksa", an art festival
“VUOKSA”, international art festival. It has been held since 1998 in Svyatogorsk Town. The festival participants are art groups from Svyatogorsk Town and other Leningrad Oblast settlements situated on the banks of the Vuoksa River (hence the... more