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"Lintulovskaya grove", a reserve

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“Lindulovaya roscha” (The Lintulovskaya Grove) is a state natural botanical reserve. It is located in the territory of the Vyborg district and occupies the area of 986 hectares. It was founded with the decision of the Leningrad Region Executive Committee of 27 March 1976, No. 145, with decision of the Government of the Leningrad Oblast of 26 December 1996, No. 494. It is governed by Roschino experimental forestry enterprise. The purpose of the foundation is the saving of the oldest in Russia and Europe man-made forests of Siberian larch (Larix sibirica Ledeb) which are out of natural habitat border, and also the saving of the natural complexes with rare kinds of flora and fauna in the valley of the Roschinka River. The former name of the river is Lintulovka, hence the name of the grove. The grove was founded in 1738 when on the place of former plowed field seed of larch, which were gathered in Arkhangelsk Province, were sown; the new additional sowing and planting have been continuing for many years (in 1743-50, 1773, 1805-20 and others). At present the grove consists of a few parcels of different ages which are located on the both banks of the river. The birch forests, grey alder forest are typical for flood plain of the Roschinka River, somewhere there is the undergrowth and ephebic trees of lindens, maples, elms and hazels. The toothwort tuberiferous that is a rare kind of flora for Leningrad Region grows here. In the Roschinka, about the reserve there are the main places of the spawing and fattening of the bulltrout young of fish, and also ide and lamprey. The finding of the pearl oyster are known here (this kind of mollusk is in the Red Book). The part of the Lindulovsk forestry of Roschino experimental forestry enterprise is included to the List of World Cultural and Natural Heritage of UNESCO.

Tripolskaya, Anna Aleksandrovna

Topographical landmarks/Roshchinka River, the
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