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"Tuutari", a park

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The "Tuutari" park is the ski resort (the Lomonosov District). It is located on the Kirhof Mountain of the Dudergoffskih hills (finnish language: Tuutari- Dudergof) and its area is 50 hectares. On the territory of the Tuutari park there are four lighted ski trails. The length of the trails is from 400 up to 600 metres and elevation is from 60 up to 80 metres. There are three lifts with capacity 2500 people per hour. In the Tuutari park the snowboard competitions of various levels take place (in 2003 the lap of Cup Eurasia took place,in 2004 the lap of Cup of Europe took place, in 2005 the parallel slalom competitions of the World Cup took place). In 2006 on the International Congress of the ski industry (in Moscow), it was named as the best ski resort in the North-West region of Russia. Until 1940 on the mountain was located the Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity ( it was known since the first quarter of the 17th century, it was rebuilt in 1832-36 and it was destroyed during the Great Patriotic War). The Finnish Lutheran cemetery was located near the church.

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