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Alyokhovshchina, village

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ALYOKHOVSCHINA, a village in Lodeynoye Pole District. Population: 1882. It is situated on the banks of the Oyat River. It is situated at the crossing of motor roads to Lodeynoye Pole, Tikhvin, Domozhirovo, and Yaroslavichi. The name originates from a personal name. The village emerged in the early 2nd millennium A.D., which was related to the Slav penetration into the region. Burial mounds of the Ladoga Coast culture, archeological monuments of the break of the 1st and 2nd millenniums A.D., are known in its environs. From 1927 till 1958 it was the adm. center of Oyat District of the Oblast, later the center of the rural soviet of the same name, and then a volost center. After 1917, A. incorporated the neighboring localities of Storozhevo and Strelka. The village has been famous for its local ceramics since the 18th century; today, these traditions are continued by JSC Oyatskaya Keramika. A. has a wooden church of Archangel Michael (1730.) An obelisk in honor of Soviet warriors who perished in WWII is installed in the graveyard. A. has a culture center, library, and museum of ceramics and modern pottery trade. Since 2003, the Handicrafts Revival Center has been functioning in the secondary school, with a Veps toy modeling club and a museum of household articles exhibiting specimens of folk handicraft of Veps Land. 2 km west of A., on the Viliga River (Sofia’s Deep), the “Vladimir Dawns” bard song festival has been held annually in June since 2001.

Yegorov, Sergey Borisovich

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