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"The Break of the Leningrad Siege", a museum-reser

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"The Break of the Leningrad Siege", a museum-reserve (the village of Maryino, the Kirovsky district) was founded 1985. The diorama, devoted to the break of the Leningrad siege in January of 1943, is the centre of the museum exposition which was presented on 7 May 1987 in the ramp of the Ladoga Bridge across the neva River. The artists Yu.H. Garikov, L.V. Kabachek, B.V. Kotik, N.M. Kutuzov, G.K. Molotenninov, F.V. Savostyanov, V.I. Seleznev, participants of the battle of Leningrad, are founders of the diorama. Besides the diorama the museum-reserve includes the memorial complex "The Nevsky Patch" located 3 km to the south from Maryino Village, the military memorial "The Sinyavino Heights" and "The Place of Two Fronts Meeting" ( military forces of the Leningrad and Volkhov Fronts met in the area of industrial settlrments No.1 and No.5). The museum branches: the Exhibition hall in Kirovsk Town (1 Pioneer Street), the museum "Kobona: the Road of Life", memorial common graves in the urban settlement Nazia and the settlement Staraya Maluksa. There are more then 9 thousand items in the museum funds. The museum is visited by 100 thousand visitors a year.

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Garikov, Y.N.
Kabachek, L.V.
Kotik, B.V.
Kutuzov, N.M.
Molotennikov, G.K.
Savostyanov, F.V.
Seleznev, V.I.

Leningrad Oblast, the/Kirovsk District/Maryino Village
Leningrad Oblast, the/Kirovsk District/Naziya Urban Village
Topographical landmarks/Neva River, the
Leningrad Oblast, the/Kirovsk District/Kirovsk Town/Pionerskaya Street
Leningrad Oblast, the/Kirovsk District/Staraya Maluksa Settlement

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Музей-заповедник "Прорыв блокады Ленинграда". URL:, С. 101, 232-233
Джигарханян М.Б. Подвиг, запечатленный на века // Ленинградская панорама. 1986. №1., С.8-11

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"Kobona: the Road of Life", a museum
"Nevsky Small Area", a memorial
"Sinyavino Hills", a memorial

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