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"The Nevsky Patch", a museum

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"The Nevsky Patch", a museum (the urban settlement of Dubrovka, 3 Leningradskaya Street), a branch of the museum-reserve "The Break of the Siege of Leningrad ". The museum was founded on 7 July of 1963. The museum exposition devoted to the events of 1941-1943 when battles, crowned with break of the Liningrad siege, took place on the Neva River banks in Dubrovka area. 200 thousand of Soviet soldiers perished on that front area. The diorama (3x10 m), the battle on "The Nevsky Patch", is exhibited in the museum. Items of the front life and arms were added to the exposition. Visitors go into the museum through the original dugout of the war time. There are lists of soldiers buried in Dubrovka's land on the memorial gravestones. There are more then 500 items in the museum funds. About 1,3 thousand people visit the museum every year. * See the article: the museum "Nevsky Patch".

Karpenko, Irina Aleksandrovna

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