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Dyatlitsi, village

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DYATLITSI, a village in Lomonosov District. Population: 133. It is located in the northern part of the Izhora Hills, east of the Voiskovitsi-Bolshaya Izhora highway. First mention was in Novgorod’s scribe roll of 1499/1500 as the center of Dyatlitsi Pokrovsky Pogost of Vodskaya Pyatina. Medieval burial mounds were discovered in the environs of D.; their digs were conducted by L. K. Ivanovsky and N. K. Roerich. The stone church of Protection of the Virgin was built in D. in 1771 (closed in 1939, the building has survived.) A church of the same name was mentioned in 1500. In the 18th century, D. had a wooden church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin.

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

Ivanovsky, Lev Konstantinovich
Roerich, Nikolay Konstantinovich

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