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Ilyichovo, settlement

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ILYICHOVO (Finnish Jalkala before 1948), a settlement in Vyborg District. Population: 1100. It is located between Lake Krasavitsa and Lake Dolgoye. The toponym Jalkala originates probably from a nickname of the residents (Finnish jalka = leg.) The village has been known since 1778. In the late 19th c. it became a popular dacha place. Artist A. A. Benois, composer Sulho Ranta, and politician G. V. Plekhanov spent summers there ( politician Plekhanov died in the tuberculosis sanatorium near Jalkala.) In 1948, the settlement was renamed as village Ulyanovskaya, then Ilyichovo (in memory of the stay of V. I. Ulyanov who lived in the Parviainen family’s house in August 1917.) Since 1946, the main experimental base of the State Hydrological Institute has existed in I. In 1993, the “Jalkala” reserve museum of local history was opened. Situated close to I. is the “Lammin-Suo Marsh” hydrological reserve.

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

Benois, Albert Aleksandrovich
Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich (the real name was Ulyanov)
Parviainens, the
Plekhanov, Georgy Valentinovich
Ranta, Sulkho

Topographical landmarks/Dolgoye Lake
Topographical landmarks/Krasavitsa Lake

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"Boloto Lammin-Suo" ("The Marsh of Lammin-Suo"), a reserve
"Yalkala", a historic and ethnographic museum-reserve, the

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