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Koporye, village

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KOPORYE, a settlement in Lomonosov District. Population: 1,400. Located at the Koporka River, close to the railway station of the same name of the Kalische-Ust-Luga branch (opened in 1926.) The toponym K. supposedly originates from the verb “kopat” = to dig, i.e. “a dug place.” First mentioned in 1240 when the German knights invaded Novgorod Land and built a wooden fortress there. In 1241, the fortress was taken by the Novgorod forces led by Prince Alexander Nevsky, and destroyed. In 1279, a Novgorod fortification was erected (see Koporye Fortress, “Koporye Fortress” museum.) K. was the adm. center of Kargalsky Pogost of Vodskaya Pyatina, but never was an important economic center. Ruins of the Transfiguration Church can be seen within the fortress. In the 16th century, Nativity and Blessed Virgin’s monasteries existed in the faubourg of K. A wooden church of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin was mentioned under 1575-1576 (re-opened in 1715, rebuilt in 1835 and 1853, closed in 1933, defunct.) In 1583-95 and 1617–1703 it belonged to Sweden as the center of Koporye Fief (uyezd.) In 1590, Ingermanlandia’s first Lutheran parish appeared in K. (Finnish Kaprio.) In the early 18th c., K. was private property of A. D. Menshikov. In the 18th – early 20th cc., there was an estate owned by the Zinoviev house near the settlement (see Koporye, estate.) In 1919, there was a battle at Koporye between the Red Army men and the Ingermanland Battalion engaged in the offensive on Petrograd on the side of N. N. Yudenich’s army. Within the fortress there are obelisks to warriors killed in 1919 and 1941. The settlement has a culture house and library. Since 2000, the “Koporye Merrymaking” historical and folklore festival has been held with participation of military historical clubs and the aviation club of Sosnovy Bor. On July 6 , 2003 a Day of Russian Music was celebrated involving the choir and youth chamber orchestra of the St. Petersburg University. The head office of “Koporye Co. is based in K.

A. Y. Chistyakov

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

Alexander Nevsky, Prince
Menshikov, Aleksandr Danilovich, Highness Prince
Yudenich, Nikolay Nikolayevich
Zinovyevs, the

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Овсянников О.В. Копорье: Ист.-краевед. очерк. - Л., 1976 Л., 1976.

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