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Ladva, group of villages

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LADVA, a group of Veps villages in the south-eastern part of Podporozhye District. Located on the banks of the Oyat River and Lake Ladvinskoye. It consists of the villages of Vasilievskaya, Kazychenskaya, Makarievskaya, Minitskaya, Fyodorovskaya, and Kuznetsi. Population (total): 219, mostly Vepses. The name originates from the Veps “ladv” = top or upper course. L. is in the territory of the Veps Forest natural park. A motor road connects L. to Vinnitsi village and Podporozhye Town. Ladvinsky Pogost was known from the 15th c. In the 16th-17th cc. it was a center of iron-making. The architecture of peasant houses retains traditional elements, including carved frets. The earliest residential house is dated 1920s. In Minitskaya village, the wooden building of St. Elijah’s church (1868) has survived, which was converted into a clubhouse in the Soviet times; a chapel has survived in Vasilievskaya village. L. has a clubhouse and library. There is a folklore group with a repertoire in the Veps and Russian language; a vinyl record of the ensemble was released in the 1970s. In 1999, A. E. Finchenko established “The Veps Hut”, a private ethnographic museum named after T. V. Stanyukovich, where the interiors of a Veps dwelling of the first decades of the 20th c. are reproduced; the museum’s collection has over 2200 exhibits.

S. B. Yegorov

Yegorov, Sergey Borisovich

Finchenko, Aleksandr Yevgenyevich

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