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"Selskaya Nov" ("Country Virgin Soil"), a newspaper

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"Selskaya Nov" ("Country Virgin Soil"; Volosovo settlement, 20 Krasnogvardeyskaya Street), a social and political newspaper of the Volosovo District. The newspaper was founded on May 1, 1931 as the organ of the District Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Bolsheviks) and the District Soviet. Originally the newspaper was called "Za kollektivizatsiyu" ("For Collectivization"), from June 1931 it was called "Kolkhozny shturm" ("The Kolkhoz Storm"), from 1935 to 1956 - "Stalinsky Put" ("Stalin's Way"), from 1956 to 1962 - "Znamya" ("The Banner"). During 1932-1935 some materials were published in Finnish and Estonian. During the period of the occupation from 1941 to 1944 the newspaper was issued in secret . In 1950 the newspaper travelling editorial board worked. During 1962-1965 the newspaper was not issued, from 1965 it was being published again with its contemporary name. In 1991 the newspaper was re-registered as the organ of the local administration and working collective. On the present days the newspaper founders are the Leningrad Oblast Committee for Information Policy and Telecommunication, the Administration of the Volosovo District and the editorial board. The newspaper is issued two times a week, its circulation is 4 thousand copies. The newspaper coverages the economic, social and political and cultural life of the district. There are the local history columns "Dalyekoye - bliskoye" ("The Remote - the close") and "Kray moy lyubimy" ("My Lovely Land"). The journalist collective of the newspaper "Selskaya Nov" completed 2-volume work "Volosovo: Istoriya rodnogo kraya" ("Volosovo: The History of the Native Land"). At the editorial offices the literary associatiation "Dikaya yablonya" ("The Wild Apple Tree") worked, round-table discussions and meeting with readers are held.

Ansberg, Olga Nikolayevna

Leningrad Oblast, the/Volosovo District/Volosovo Town/Krasnogvardeyskaya Street

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