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THE VOLKHOV CENTRAL DISTRICT LIBRARY (17 Yury Gagarin Street, Volkhov Town).
The supposed year of foundation is 1926 or 1927; the library was founded by Volkhov hydroelectric power station Construction Direction Culture-and-Educational Committee (in charge of the Committee was a workers’ club with libraries and reading rooms located on the right and the left banks of the Volkhov River). Since 1977 it was in charge of the district centralized library network. Since 2006 it has had the status of an inter-settlement library. The library’s general-purpose fund numbers over 30,000 items, with 8,000 visits and around 20,000 loans annually. The library organizes district conferences on local history and creative meetings of the district poets.

Blyudova, Lyudmila Konstantinovna

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