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VOLKHOV, town. Population: 46,600. Located on both sides of the Volkhov River in its lower course. From the 12th century, there was Mikhailovsky Pogost on the site of V. (the 1500 Novgorod scribe roll mentions Archangel Michael’s Church), which, according to archeological finds, was preceded by an older fortified Slav settlement. In the early 20th century, Zvanka railway station was founded, with a locomotive depot and repair workshops. In 1902, construction of a railway bridge over the Volkhov River started, and in 1906, the railway communication with Vologda was established. A railway branch to Chudovo and further to Novgorod was built in 1917. In 1926, the Volkhov Hydro Powerplant was started up (project chief engineer: G. O. Graftio), to become the power base for the Volkhov Aluminum Mill (1929-32; currently OJSC Volkhovsky Alyuminiy.) In 1933, as a result of integration of Zvanka workers’ settlement with the villages Borisova Gorka, Ilyinskoye, N. Duboviki, Oktyabrskoye, and N. Derevnya, Volkhovstroy Town was established. From 1939 it was an Oblast subordination town; in 1940, renamed V. (the name Volkhovstroy is retained by the railway station.) In1997–2005 it was an independent municipal structure (MS Volkhov Town.) Since 2006, it is the Level 1 MS “Volkhovskoye Urban Settlement” within Volkhov District. In 1941, a German offensive was stopped at V. In 1941-44 freights were transported to the blockaded Leningrad by railway via V. From September 1942, the Volkhov Powerplant supplied Leningrad with electricity via a cable laid on Lake Ladoga’s bed. In 1970, the monument “To Heroic Defenders of Leningrad” was opened (designed by I. N. Gordin.) Developing in today’s V. are chemical, construction materials, light (JSC Volkhovchanka), food and processing (LLC Talosto-Volkhov) industries. V. has the A. S. Pushkin Town Culture and Information Center, Volkhov central town library, Volkhov central disctrict library, town children’s library, children’s music school and art school, children’s school of arts, children’s creativity home, town leisure center Volkhov Museum of Arts, Volkhov Town History Museum. The “Volkhovskiye Ogni” newspaper is published, local TV and “Volkhov-Contac” radio are available. The town has branches of the A. I. Herzen Pedagogical University, N.-W. Correspondence Technical University, Foreign Trade Relations, Economics, and Law Institute, and office of the St. Petersburg Railway Institute. There is the stone Church of Archangel Michael (built in 1820, stayed closed in 1938-94.) In the early 20th century, the town estate of the Staraya Ladoga Convent of the Assumption with the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker was at Zvanka Station (it was consecrated in 1904, it was closed in 1926 and the building was destroyed.)
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Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

Gordin, I.N.
Graftio, Heinrich Osipovich

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