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Batyushkov, Konstantin Nikolayevich (1787-1855), a literary man

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Batyushkov, Konstantin Nikolayevich (1787-1855), a writer, translator. From 1797 till 1802 he was educated at private boarding schools in St. Petersburg, during 1802-1807 he served at the Ministry of People's Education. From 1807 Batyushkov participated in wars with Napoleon, in Russo-Sweden War (1808-1809). In 1812 Batyushkov was a manuscript custodian assistant, in 1817 he was a librarian assistant at the Emperor Public Library in St. Petersburg. During 1818-1820 Batyushkov was a part-time part-time of the Russian diplomatic mission in Italy. From the early 1820s Batyushkov was taken ill with an incurable mental disease. In 1833 he was officially dismissed from the service and moved to relatives into Vologda town where he died and was buried. The first famous poem "Mechta" ("The Dream", 1802) was published in the magazine "Lyubitel slovesnosti" ("Literature Lover") in 1806. In 1817 Batyushkov issued "Opyt v stikhakh I proze" ("Attempts in Poems and Prose", in 2 volumes), in 1821 he issued the series translations "Podrazhaniye drevnim" ("The Imitation of the Ancients"). Batyushkov was the author of articles on poetry problems. In 1817-1818 Batyushkov often visited Priyutino, the estate of A.N. Olenin, (now it is Vsevolozhsk town). Batyushkov extolled Priyutino estate in "Poslaniye k A.I. Turgenevy" ("The Message to A.I. Turgenev") published in 1827.

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Batyushkov, Konstantin Nikilayevich
Napoleon I Bonaparte, Emperor
Olenin, Aleksey Nokolayevich
Turgenev, Aleksandr Ivanovich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Vsevolozhsk District/Vsevolozhsk Town/Priyutino Settlement
Neighbouring Territories/Vologda City

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