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Vologda City

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Batyushkov, Konstantin Nikolayevich (1787-1855), a literary man
Batyushkov, Konstantin Nikolayevich (1787-1855), a writer, translator. From 1797 till 1802 he was educated at private boarding schools in St. Petersburg, during 1802-1807 he served at the Ministry of People's Education. From 1807 Batyushkov... more

Rubtsov, Nikoly Mikhaylovich (1936-1971), a poet
Rubtsov, Nikoly Mikhaylovich (1936-1971), a poet. Rubtsov was brought up at the children's home in Nikolskoye village of the Vologda Oblast from 1943 till 1950. He attended at the M. Gorky Literature Institute from 1962 but did not graduated from... more