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Gippius, Zinaida Nikolayevna (1869-1945), a literary woman

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Gippius (Hippius), Zinaida Nikolayevna (in marriage Merezhkovskaya; 1869-1945), a poet. Z.N. Gippius took the home education. In 1889 Gippius married D.S. Merezhkovsky whith whom she lived for 52 years. Gippius published her first poems in 1888; two her collections "Cobraniye stikhov" ("Collected Poems") were issued in 1904 and 1910. These collections strengthened her fame of the decadent poetess. Z.N. Gippius is the author of collections of stories "Noviye lyudi" ("New People", 1896), "Zerkala" ("Mirrors", 1898), "Tretya kniga rasskazov" ("The Third Book of Stories", 1902), "Aly mech" ("The Scarlet Sword", 1906), "Chornoye po belomu" ("Black on White", 1908), "Lunniye muravyi" ("Moon Ants", 1912), novels "Pobediteli" ("The Victors", 1898), "Chertova kukla" ("The Devil's Doll", 1911), "Roman Tsarevich" (1913). In different years Z.N. Gippius was a critic of the magazine "Mir iskusstva" ("The World of Art"), the joint editor of the magazine "Novy put" ("The New Path"). The Merezhkovskys' flat in St. Petersburg was the place of meetings of Symbolists and members of the Religious Philosophical Society. From 1919 when she lived abroad as an emigrant Z.N. Gippius continued the literary work. She is the author of the memoirs "Zhiviye litsa" ("Living Faces", 1925), "Peterburgskiye dnevniki" ("Peterburg Dairies", 1929). The Merezhkovskys spent summer monthes in in country places, mainly to the south from Gatchina town: in the estate of Dylitsi (1898, 1903), in Orlino village (1899), in Mariyenburg (1904), in the estate of Kobrino (1905, 1908), In Siversky settlement (1914), in the estate of Druzhnoselye (1917, 1918). Z.N. Gippius died and was buried in Paris.

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Gippius, Zinaida Nikolayevna
Merezhkovsky, Dmitry Sergeyevich

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Leningrad Oblast, the/Gatchina District/Gatchina Town/Novaya Street (in Marienburg)
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Leningrad Oblast, the/Gatchina District/Siversky Urban Settlement

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