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Gatchina House of Culture

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Art works of disabled persons, a festival
INVALIDS’ ARTWORK, festival. The first oblast festival of invalids’ artwork took place in November 1991 in Gatchina Town. In 1996 the festival was included in a regional special-purpose program “Social Support of the Leningrad Oblast Invalids”.... more

Gatchina, town
GATCHINA (Trotsk in 1923-27, Krasnogvardeisk in 1927-44), a town in Leningrad Oblast, adm. center of Gatchina District. Population: 82,900 (the largest town in the Leningrad Oblast.) First mentioned in the Novgorod scribe roll of 1499 -1500 as... more

Houses and Palaces of Culture
CENTRES OF SOCIAL AND CULTURAL ACTIVITIES (HOUSES AND PALACES OF CULTURE), cultural and educational institutions similar to clubs, the main aims of the centres are: to serve as social, cultural, educational, health and entertaining centres... more