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Vologda Gubernia

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Cherepovets Gubernia, the
CHEREPOVETS GUBERNIA, adm. and territorial unit with the center in the city of Cherepovets in the North-West of Russia in the early 20th century. The resolution to establish C. G. was adopted in 1918 at the meeting of representatives of five... more

Olonets Gubernia, the
OLONETS GUBERNIA, adm. and territorial unit in the North-West of Russia in the late 18th – early 20th century. Olonets Province (Oblast) was established in1773, with Olonets as its center. In 1776, the province was added to the new-established... more

Union of Communes of the Northen Oblast
UNION OF COMMUNES OF THE NORTHERN OBLAST (UCNO), an oblast association of Soviets in 1918-19. It included Petrograd, Novgorod, Pskov, Olonets, Archangel, Vologda, North Dvina (separated from Archangel Gubernia in June 1918), and Cherepovets... more

Zolotaryev, David Alekseyevich (1885-1937), a scholar
David Alekseyevich Zolotaryov (1885-1935) was an anthropologist, ethnographer, professor (1918). From 1903 to 1904 he was a student of the medical department of the Moscow University; from 1904 to 1907 he lived in Paris, listened to the lectures in... more