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Toldozhsky Nikolsky Pogost

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Kotli, village
KOTLI (Finnish Kattila), a village in Kingisepp District. Population: 2013, mostly Russians and Vod. Located at the north-western end of the Izhora Hills, on a glint terrace. First mentioned in the 1499/1500 Rent Census Book of Vodskaya Pyatina as... more

The Church of Sainted Hierach Nicholas the Wonderworker (Kotly Village, Kingisepp District)
The Church of St Hierach Nicholas the Wonderworker (Kotly Village, the Kingisepp District). In the territory of the Toldozhsky Nikolsky Pogost of Chud's land the original wooden church was built not later then 1499. The church was rebuilt more... more