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Kotli, village

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KOTLI (Finnish Kattila), a village in Kingisepp District. Population: 2013, mostly Russians and Vod. Located at the north-western end of the Izhora Hills, on a glint terrace. First mentioned in the 1499/1500 Rent Census Book of Vodskaya Pyatina as the center of Toldozhsky Nikolsky Pogost in Chyud Land. Burials of the Vod of the 1st-3rd and 12th-17th cc. are known in the environs of K. In the 18th-19th cc. it was subdivided into the Major and Minor Ends and the Kotli Estate (see Kotli Estate.) The toponym K. originates from pits, “kotli”, where pitch was boiled. In 1927-31 it was the center of Kotli District, and since 1931, a part of Kingisepp District. The currently active Orthodox church of St. Nicholas the Miracle Worker had existed before 1500. Close by are the remnants of the crypt of the local landowners Barons Albrecht; grave of locally worshipped ascetic Righteous Catherine (E. E. Zharova) who was a healer and a soothsayer; and memorial burial of those killed in WWII. Not later than 1624, a Lutheran parish appeared in K. A wooden Lutheran church was built in 1759. The parishioners were Ingermanlandian Finns, Estonians, and Germans. S. J. Laurikkala served there as pastor in 1910-13. It was closed in 1937, and destroyed by German troops during retreat in 1944. Since 1998, the “New Life” social rehabilitation center for drug addicts and alcoholics has been functioning in K. on the site of former military barracks.

A. Y. Chistyakov

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

Albrechts, the
Laurikalla, Selim Yalmari
Zharova, Yekaterina Yefimovna

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